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Trampolining returns !!

Welcome to Flyers for Season 9 and the return of trampolining !!

It has been a long time coming and we are so excited to have our trampoline sessions back on our timetable which means we have seen the return of some familiar faces as well along with lots of new ones !!

What happens in our trampoline sessions?

Our trampoline sessions are currently delivered by our senior trampoline coach Mike.

After a warm up sessions involve working basic shapes, technique and skill development which can be combined to create short routines, all set in our fun, friendly and safe environment.

What types of sessions do you run ?

Our recreational classes are for beginner trampolinists and a perfect place for those who aspire to develop the key fundamental techniques and skills. Sessions are 55 minutes long and are for children aged 5+.

Days: Mondays, Tuesdays and Saturdays.

Intensive classes run for 1.5 hours and are for those athletes who are motivated to train for longer as an aid to progress their current skills, learn new skills and work their way up to competing.

Days: Friday evening 5pm-6:30pm.

Students who are taking PE for GCSE/A Level and want to do trampolining are welcome to discuss working with us on their routines. Drop us an email

We are excited to have had three of our members of staff complete their Level 1 trampolining course with IGA and course mentor Graham Williams from Ministry of Air.

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