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Season 8 Information

In light of COVID-19 and the loss of our venue at St Aubyn's, there are quite a few changes to update you on. Below is all of the information you will need of want to know as we move into the new season including:

- Venues, timetables & term dates

- Notes for gymnasts & trampolinists

- Gymnastics & trampolining

- Fee's 

- Covid-19

- Equipment & Sprung Floor


Venues, Timetables & Term dates

This year we have 3 new venues where we will be running our classes. Term starts from the 10th September 2020. Our full timetable can be found on our class for kids booking page or for an overview of which classes are running and when, please see our timetable page. Classes will run at Heathcote School (Chingford), Caterham School (Clayhall) & West Hatch School (Chigwell). We will publish the term dates on the website soon but they can be found on the class for kids class listings too. 

Notes for gymnasts 

Recreational/Intermediate: Due to popular demand we have added some longer intensive sessions for recreational gymnasts and also extra gymnastics tumble sessions too. These sessions are aimed at athletes who wish to progress faster with their gymnastics skills but may not be ready for the skill level or commitment of a competitive squad. Look out for ‘Intensive Gymnastics’ or ‘Gymnastics tumble’ if you are interested in these. There is no minimum skill requirement for these sessions however we wouldn’t recommend them for complete beginners. 

Squad & Elite Gymnastics: This year our dedicated squad training session is on Wednesday evenings at West Hatch, please look for 'Competition Gymnastics' on the timetable. If you are not currently on one of our squads but would like to try out, please select your recreational class for now but email us to arrange a try out once the term has commenced. Boys and girls are welcome for our gymnastics squads. Please note that regional competitions are compulsory for gymnasts in this group. Competitions are not currently running due to covid but we hope that they will resume in the new year if the situation improves. 

Notes for trampolinists 

While it has been a little challenging to find a facility which has trampolines available for us to use, we have been extremely fortunate to find one close to St Aubyn's, that not only has 4 trampolines, but 3 of which are competition sized. This will be fantastic for our trampolinists as it will allow them to experience a stronger bounce as well as developing more height and control in their routines. For now, we will only be running trampolining at Heathcote School, however in the new year we are hopeful that we can also use West Hatch for trampolining once their new sports hall is ready for use. 

Gymnastics & Trampolining

While members are currently restricted to attending only one session per week, the only exception for this is for those who attend gymnastics and trampolining on the same day. If you previously took part in both activities, you can continue to do so. In our weekday sessions this can be done in our 5:30-7:30 slots and on Saturdays, you must opt for either 9-11 or 11-1pm. When choosing your sessions, please simply add your child to the waiting lists of both sessions that you are wishing to attend, eg for Saturday 9-11am, choose 9-10 & 10-11. 


For information related to cheerleading, please see the Season 8 information pack. 


We have completed a full review and risk assessment for each of our sessions and locations. Please visit our COVID-19 information page for details of how we are keeping our athletes and coaches protected at training. We ask that parents familiarise themselves with our guidelines before attending and ensure that they strictly follow all procedures. We take these measures extremely seriously and due to the serious nature of COVID-19, we will not be able to accept members or parents into classes if these guidelines are not followed. 

Training & Membership Fee’s 

This year has brought phenomenal increases in costs due to increased hall hire, significantly reduced class sizes and additional staff and resources required to ensure we are able to follow covid procedures, We have done our utmost to keep training costs as low as possible but have had to make a small increase in monthly subscriptions. Recreational classes are now £32/month with a 20% discount for siblings/additional sessions. We have however reduced our recreational annual membership fees to £18 this season for returning members. For details of pricing for Intensive, squad or competitive fees, please see the class for kids booking page as these vary from class to class. 


Sprung floorDue to the changes in our location and also the fact that our equipment now needs to be more mobile, we have been faced with the challenge of adapting our setup for different locations. While most of our equipment can be transported or split between venues, our floor mats are huge and just cannot be stored or transported easily. So, we have taken a huge leap and have invested in an air floor. What is this you probably wonder? Well essentially, it is an inflatable sprung floor. It works in much the same way as an olympic style gymnastics floor - only is it much quicker to assemble and much smaller to transport & store. It will offers benefits for all of our members as it can be used by gymnasts, cheerleaders and trampolinists for practicing skills, jumps and conditioning. This has been the largest investment we have ever made as a club and has happened with thanks to the re-boot loans that have been available for organisations like us. We are confident that it will benefit our members for many years to come and will help our athletes as they progress from learning at a beginner level all the way through to elite skills. For an idea of what this will look like, check out this video on YouTube.


Thats all from us! If you have any further questions please drop us an email. We look forward to seeing you in the new term!

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