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The Flyers Coaching Commitments 

A coach will impact more people in a year, than the average person does in a lifetime. We want to make sure that our coaches do this to the best of their ability, and want to see them to keep developing into the best coach that they can be. Below are the four qualities and skills that we look for in our coaches, and ask that all members of the coaching team commit them.

1. Commitment and timekeeping. 

Commitment and dedication are essential qualities in a coach. In order to progress and develop, our athletes need consistency and commitment from their coach. Likewise, it is impossible for sessions or even the club to run effectively without reliable coaches who arrive at sessions on the right day and the right time. Commitment is therefore the foundation quality we look for in our coaches. If you are unable to commit, please do not apply. 


2. Maturity, leadership and independence 

Staff and volunteers will be placed in a position of responsibility and authority and will be expected to lead and instruct athletes and possibly other staff. Coaches will be expected, at times, to follow the instructions of a senior or head coach, but must also be able to use their initiative, to work independently and come up with their own ideas and actions. 

Within the gym, staff and volunteers must be able to maintain a safe training and learning environment by making sure that Flyers Club rules and procedures are followed. Flyers staff and volunteers are responsible for the wellbeing of both athletes and other staff alike, and must be willing to enforce rules and make what can sometimes be difficult and unpopular decisions. 


3. Positive Attitude

Central to Flyers ethos is that we want to have an enjoyable and friendly learning environment where our members, parents and staff feel comfortable and happy. More importantly we want to create an environment at Flyers that is exciting and inspiring, so that our coaches, athletes and the club keep on achieving new things. The atmosphere in the gym is primarily a result of the coaches who are leading sessions, and so, successful applicants must be committed to adopting a friendly and upbeat nature in their work, as well as when they are interacting with members, parents, the public and other clubs or teams. 


4. Continual learning and development across the board

Athletes: As coaches it is our primary job to teach skills and improve all aspects of our athletes performance. Over the course of weeks, months and years, we should see continual development in all of our athletes whether they are beginner or advanced level, and young or old. As coaches, we must keep looking for the next skill to teach them and the next challenge that will keep them excited and engaged, whilst working hard to help them perfect those skills and perform them to the best of their ability. 

Coaches: We as coaches, must also be continually learning and developing too. Whether it’s trying new ideas, attending training courses or conferences, observing other coaches or attending inspiring events, we want you to develop to be the best coach that you can be, and so, we expect and encourage you to push yourselves as hard as you would push your athletes. 

Club: To allow our coaches and athletes to keep growing, we, as a club must also keep developing and progressing, and that all comes down to the people at the heart of it - the coaches. We need new ideas, feedback, regular improvements, challenges and staff who are committed to helping the club progress and move forward. Cheerleading teams like Top Gun, Unity and Cali Allstars; and gym/trampolining clubs like South Essex and Gillingham Jumpers, all started from the bottom with a small team and most probably a couple of cheap mats and basic equipment, just like we did in 2013. Those clubs have built world famous and internationally renowned teams and athletes, and now have the facilities and equipment to match. That happened because of a commitment to keep progressing and striving for excellence. With your help, one day Flyers will be held in a similar regard to these teams, and I hope that all of coaches will make a commitment to help us get there. 

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