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Gymnastique Magique Disneyland Display Team 2025

Gymnastique Magique is an event that combines a fun & relaxed atmosphere with the excitement of competition. This event takes place in Disneyland Paris around September/October 2025 . This competition is solely floor based and comes under 'Acro Gymnastics'. Clubs are judged on floor skills, acro skills, choreography and costumes. Gymnasts will perform in one or more of the following categories - solo/duo/group.

Over these few days in Paris, there is another exciting opportunity for gymnasts to take part in, which is 'The Pre-Parade'.  This is for gymnasts aged 9+(?) who audition and get selected to be a part of the Disney parade. The parade is one big routine that is performed down the main street of Disneyland Paris and is a great way to start off the weekend (gymnasts have to be a minimum of 8 years old to take part in the parade). 

Pricing Guide

(Please note that the prices listed below are based off of this years competition pricing & that pricing is provisional and likely to go up by next years competition and that travel arrangements are NOT included in the package prices.)

4 nights including a 3 day park pass*

*The park pass allows you to go to both Disney AND Universal. 

£650 - £850 per person, this depends on how many people are sharing a room. Please note that children must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

Additional Costs

  • Training fees 

  • Competition entry fees (for other competitions throughout the year)

  • Competition Costumes 

  • Team T-shirt

  • Travel Arrangements to get to Paris 

If this is something that your child would be interested in being a part of, please fill out the interest form below (athletes MUST be 6 years old and above to take part in our display teams). 

Gymnastique Magique Interest Form

Birthday of athlete (please ensure this is correct)
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