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Gymnastics & Trampolining at Flyers 

We offer an extensive range of gymnastics & trampolining classes as well as competitive squads. Our main objective at Flyers is that our athletes enjoy their time with us and grow in both confidence and skill. We have inclusive sessions and believe that everyone should have the opportunity to enjoy our classes regardless of their ability and so have options for both recreational and competition. 


Our recreational classes take athletes from beginner through to intermediate level. For details of sessions, please see our current timetable. Within classes, athletes are split into age and ability appropriate groups. This ensures that everyone is working at the right level. No experience is needed as we teach a wide range of levels of gymnastics and trampolining. We continually review each child's ability throughout the term and make adjustments to groups if appropriate. We also carry out termly assessments where athletes will have an opportunity to earn their Flyers proficiency badge and certificates. Due to the excessive demand, all of our classes operate a waiting list. We try to offer a spaces as soon as possible but it is very difficult to predict waiting times for spaces. On our registration system, parents have the option to register for as many sessions as they wish. When your child reaches the top of the waiting list, we will then invite them to a trial session. 

Squad Gymnastics & Trampolining

At Flyers we have a number of competitive squads. These range from development squad all the way through to elite. If your child is already a competent gymnast or trampolinist and is interested in joining a squad, we would advise emailing us to let us know their age, and skill level. We will then invite you to try out when we have openings in our training schedule.  We would also advise joining the recreational waiting lists in case you are not at the appropriate level for squad yet.

Waiting List

While we do our best to make spaces available for our sessions, we are heavily oversubscribed and so operate a waiting list for our gymnastics and trampolining classes. It is extremely difficult to judge how long it will take for a space will take to come up. The length of time it takes varies considerably depending on age and session but it can be up to 12 months. Once you have joined the waiting list, we will contact you as soon as a place becomes available to arrange a taster/trial session. For more information about bookings and waiting lists, please click here.

Preschool Gymnastics

The majoity of our preschool gymnastics and baby sessions run from the athletics clubhouse at Ashton Playing fields. For details of these sessions, please click here.

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