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Jobs and Coach Training Scheme

Here at Flyers Sports Academy we are looking for new staff and volunteers to join our coaching team and training scheme. Flyers opened in 2013 and currently runs gymnastics, trampolining and cheerleading classes in Leytonstone and Woodford Green, East London. In the last year, our mebership has doubled and we expect that it will do the same in the coming year. We have around 300 athletes ranging from beginner to intermediate levels, and are hoping to not only continue working at this level, but also to develop more competitive squads within the club, and opportunities for our athletes and coaches to progress further.   

Successful applicants will be added to our coaches pool and will be offered work on a casual basis. At Flyers we have a progressive coaching structure ranging from trainee to senior coach. Details are given below, along with a brief outline of the role and responsibilities. Please specify the level or levels you wish to apply for in your application. Please note that all prospective coaches and trainees must understand & adhere to ‘The Flyers Coaching Commitments.’ Please not that you do not need experience in all of our sports (ie cheerleading, gymnastics and trampolining) as sessions are split by discipline. 


Trainee Coach Scheme - Voluntary - ages 12-21years 

This scheme is perfect for younger or inexperienced coaches who would like to develop their skills and learn more about coaching. The trainee coaching scheme involves a regular assistant coaching commitment, whereby you will be mentored by one of our senior coaches. Successful candidates will also gain the opportunity to attend a coaching course and undertake other professional development. We aim for trainee coaches to progress to Junior assistant coaches within 6-12 months. Please note that this is dependent upon trainee’s obtaining and demonstrating competency in coaching, and is therefore not guaranteed. 

  • Commitment to learning and developing coaching and leadership skills 

  • Helping with equipment set up and set-down 

  • Welcoming athletes into the gym

  • Assisting and eventually leading warm ups 

  • Assisting with body conditioning

  • Assisting with behaviour management 

  • Learning techniques and sport specific skills

  • Assisting a more senior coach with their group

  • Signing off key TC competencies listed in Flyers Coaching Development Manual 

  • Learning about judging and how athletes are assessed competitively 

  • Assisting at events and competitions


Junior Assistant Coach - (ages 14+)

The Junior Assistant Coach role is ideal for those who have around 6-12 months coaching experience and have basic coach training or qualifications. Junior Assistant Coaches will be responsible for teaching gymnastics, trampolining and/or cheerleading skills and assisting senior coaches to run sessions smoothly. JAC’s must demonstrate the maturity and positive attitude required to maintain a safe and productive coaching environment.

  • Commitment to continual learning and development 

  • Helping with equipment set up and set-down

  • Welcoming athletes into the gym and supervising dismissal

  • Leading athlete warm ups independently 

  • Assisting with behaviour management 

  • Teaching techniques and sport specific skills with support from SC

  • Leading a group (under supervision if not yet qualified)

  • Signing off key JAC competencies listed in Flyers Coaching Development Manual 

  • Understanding judging and how athletes are assessed competitively

  • Assisting to plan and organise competitions and events


Junior Coach 

Applicants for Junior Coaching positions must hold a minimum of NGB level 0 or 1 gymnastics or trampoline qualification, or USASF Cheerleading and Tumbling level 1. Coaches must be able to demonstrate the ability to work independently and proactively, and should have a good to excellent knowledge of sport specific skills. Junior coaches will be expected to plan their sessions and demonstrate progression with their group of athletes. Successful applicants will be mentored by senior coaches in order to develop their coaching and sport specific skills. 

  • Commitment to continual learning and development 

  • Leading and delegating equipment set up and set-down

  • Welcoming athletes into the gym and giving feedback to parents when necessary

  • Leading athlete warm ups independently

  • Leading behaviour management 

  • Planning sessions and teaching techniques and sport specific skills progressively under the guidance of a SC if needed. Progression should be observed in athletes

  • Leading a group (if qualification permits)

  • Signing off key JC competencies listed in Flyers Coaching Development Manual 

  • Undertaking Judge training 

  • Proactively planning fundraising events/schemes 

  • Assisting with planning and organising competitions and events


Senior Coach 

Senior coaches must have an NGB level 2 qualification in gymnastics, trampolining disciplines and at least level 3 or 4 in cheerleading and/or tumbling. Coaches with level 1 (or 2 for cheerleading) qualifications but extensive experience may also be considered, but will be expected to undertake the level 2 (or cheerleading 3&4) course within 8 months.  Senior coaches must be able to demonstrate excellent competency in the following areas: 

  • Excellent Sport specific skill knowledge with a commitment to continual development and learning

  • Planning sessions and leading a group independently, whilst also supervising and ensuring other junior coaches are safe and ok

  • Progressive skill development observed in athletes

  • Delegating and leading equipment set up and set down. 

  • Ensuring Risk Assessment and equipment checks are carried out each session. 

  • Strong behaviour and class management skills

  • Ability to control the whole class and maintain a safe environment across the whole gym 

  • Mentoring junior and trainee coaches and judges

  • Commitment to self-reflection and continual coaching analysis

  • Able to run all aspects of sessions independently when necessary

  • Lead on fundraising ideas and event planning 

  • Lead by example in all aspects of the Flyers Key Commitments 

  • Lead on competition preparation and assisting junior coaches to prepare their athletes 

  • Assisting with Junior Coach Appraisals 

  • Signing off Key SC competencies in Flyers Leadership Development Manual

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